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Stephanie Bauchum


Hey, hey, hey!!

I'm super excited you've stopped by to learn more about The Nanny Agency School program. I've been in the industry as a nanny and household manager for over 14 years, and now I run my own placement agency! In 2012, I decided to register my business after tons of families repeatedly asked if I knew any great nannies. I started sending my friends, my sister and area nannies to jobs consistently. I then decided to do some research and learn how to start my own agency. 


I honestly had no idea what I was doing and I made tons of mistakes. I searched the internet, sought wise counsel, asked a lot of questions and here I am almost 10 years later with a thriving business. I wish I had a program that taught me the ins and outs from the beginning, and this is one of the main reasons I launched The Nanny Agency School. 

How did I do this while working as a nanny? Well, it wasn't easy! While my little guy napped, I'd work on my website, marketing plan, and contracts. After I'd get off, I'd schedule nanny interviews at local coffee shops. I literally had no plan, but found the time to figure it out. In 2017, I decided to become a freelance nanny so I could focus more on growing Nanny Tees and my agency. I only took temp and short term jobs, and would schedule work around business. Although it took some time to grow, making the decision to put my all into it paid off. 

If you've always had the desire to start an agency, trust me, you can do it! With a concrete plan, setting realistic goals and putting the work in, you'll be placing in no time. I'd love to share what I've learned over the years. If you have questions, please contact me here. Keep your eyes open for more Nanny Agency School news. See you in class!


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